Self-Heating Lumbar Support Belt
Self-Heating Lumbar Support Belt
Self-Heating Lumbar Support Belt
Self-Heating Lumbar Support Belt

Self-Heating Lumbar Support Belt

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This powerful self-heating lumbar support belt is the newest and most effective way to treat any pain or discomfort in your back! 

The Tourmaline Magnets designed inside the belt help to relieve pain associated with joint and back problems by increasing blood flow to the area.

The belt is made with elastic side panels and adjustable Velcro fastening straps that make it easy and comfortable to use.


Medium - 24-31.2 inches

Large - 32.4-37.2 inches

XLarge - 37.2-40.8 inches 


  • High elastic fiber cloth, fine texture, soft handles
  • Vented and breathable elastic side panels
  • Adjustable Neoprene double pull braces
  • Nano infrared thermal acupuncture dot matrix, heating quickly, long lasting 
  • Magnetic therapy increases blood flow and helps relieve pain associated with joint and back problems
  • Magnetic heating effect helps to relax muscles and reduces fatigue
  • Supporting the waist, helping maintain a good posture 



"Working in construction, I always have terrible back pain after I get off work. I found this product and since it arrived at my doorstep, I can't stop using it! The warming affect it has is so relaxing and my back pain goes away after using it. I love it!"-James, 44

"I restock items during my shift at the produce department. My lower back started hurting so badly after having to lift so much during my 10 hour days at the market, so I looked online to find solutions to stop the pain. I found the support belt and I have been in love with it since I got it! I use it after every long day and have seen incredible results. Thank you!"-Janine, 30

"I have Lumbar Spondylosis and almost gave up on finding a solution to help the pain go away. It was hard to do daily tasks some days and everything I tried wasn't working. My friend kept telling me how amazing this belt was and how it helped her with her Lumbar Spondylosis, so I decided to purchase it. I now use this everyday and noticed the pain is lessening after each use. It is the best purchase I have ever made. A true lifesaver!"-Carol, 64



If for whatever reason, you decide you are not satisfied, you can easily and quickly contact our helpful customer support to get an easy refund. We just ask that you at least give the product a 2 week try and we'll refund you, no questions!

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